The Digital Agency Model is Broken

Digital agencies remain a crucial component for companies execution of an overall growth and marketing strategy. All major corporations rely on agencies to supplement their in-house marketing teams to varying degrees. This reliance will increase in the future as the digital landscape continues to change in both volume and complexity on an almost daily basis. A prime example of this is the entry of the big consulting firms into the digital arena. Deloitte, PwC, and KPMG have fully embraced digital as a normal extension of their current consulting practices. Continue reading “The Digital Agency Model is Broken”

TBT: Does Social Media Work For B2B Marketers?

The marketing landscape changes on a regular basis so it’s somewhat scary to go back at the beginning of this decade and see what we got right and what we got wrong. In 2011, we were all still trying to figure out what to make of social media as an advertising platform and whether ads were too invasive sites geared towards your personal life. It was beginning to Continue reading “TBT: Does Social Media Work For B2B Marketers?”

The Perplexing Reluctance to Embrace SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around since we all started building and marketing websites. Over the years, there have been numerous additions to digital marketing tactics that have improved, automated, complicated and confused marketers to this day. This sometimes leads to moving on to the next shiny object before maximizing the value and returns of our more mature customer acquisition and retention vehicles. SEO is at the top of this list and remains the most misunderstood strategy to increase visitors and conversions on your site. Continue reading “The Perplexing Reluctance to Embrace SEO”

How to Use PR For Lead Generation

KPMG recently released their US CEO Outlook Report for 2017. The subheadline of the press release is “Significant Investment in Cyber, Digital, Emerging Technology Expected in Next Three Years.” There is a lot of terrific information contained in this report and I encourage everyone to poke around and see if any of the findings can help their business succeed. Continue reading “How to Use PR For Lead Generation”

TBT: A Look Back At Groupon And The Daily Deal Site Phenomenon

This week I saw an interesting article by Áine Cain on Business Insider about the astonishing rate that which tech companies are losing top talent in 2017. It is a veritable who’s who of tech giants. Groupon is #2 on the list and I started to reminisce back to the day when every client on the planet was both obsessed and petrified about daily deal sites. Everyone needed a POV on Groupon and whether it was good or bad for business. This phenomenon was so big in 2011 that I wrote an Adotas article about it and we immediately followed it up with a YouTube video (see below). Continue reading “TBT: A Look Back At Groupon And The Daily Deal Site Phenomenon”

ETW Roundup: Insights Around Digital And More

My first blog post was on the concept that Nothing Replaces Anything. I came across an interesting example this week of Facebook relying on TV first and Digital second by Craig Jaffe. This, of course, is no new and is a smart strategy. Brand advertising on TV and radio still works. Back in my yellow pages day we could review the call logs and tell when Midas had a TV campaign live in a particular market. Now you can see the same thing in Google Analytics. Continue reading “ETW Roundup: Insights Around Digital And More”

TBT: Social Media Lessons From Politicians

Back in a past life, I had the pleasure of writing a monthly column for Adotas. Lucky for me, I had a great staff that came up with outstanding topics and research to support the topic. I was recently thumbing through them mainly to see how much the world has changed in the past 6-8 years. With our current occupant of the White House and his obsession with Twitter, my first TBT has to be a July 2010 article titled “Social Media Lessons From Politicians.” Continue reading “TBT: Social Media Lessons From Politicians”